ACORE Urges Ohio Legislature to Support Pro-Renewable, Pro-Consumer Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the legislative session in Ohio scheduled to end on Wednesday, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is respectfully urging state legislators to support pro-renewable polices and reject any legislation that would stymie renewable energy growth in the state. Following is a statement from Gregory Wetstone, ACORE’s President and CEO:

“We remain deeply concerned about any potential rollback of Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). While we were pleased to see some progress in the Senate substitute to House Bill 6, notably the exclusion of an unfair township referendum provision that discriminated against wind development, we are troubled that the legislation as currently drafted would significantly weaken the state’s RPS while providing unwarranted subsidies to uneconomic coal and nuclear power plants.

“Under a supportive policy framework, Ohio could see more than $11 billion of new investment in renewable power within the next five years. We would hate to see the state undermine this massive economic opportunity, which could ensure low electric rates and a healthier environment for Buckeye State businesses and consumers.”


Last month, ACORE sent Ohio Governor Mike DeWine a letter urging the opposition of House Bill 6 in favor of legislation that does not place at risk or limit renewable energy investment and deployment.

According to an analysis by members of ACORE’s U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance program, more reasonable wind turbine setback requirements, a viable RPS, and a supportive development approach could result in more than $11 billion in new investment and economic activity in Ohio over the next five years.

Today, the renewable energy sector employs nearly 10,000 Ohioans and contributes millions of dollars each year in local revenue.


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