Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Renewable Energy Industry

By Constance Thompson
November 5, 2021

Many people have heard the data and business case for a diverse and inclusive workforce and its positively transformational impacts on a company’s culture, innovation, and profit margins. Yet, we don’t often hear directly from those at the forefront – the people who demographically represent this change and the ones pioneering our nation’s just transition to a renewable energy economy. To get an up-close look at the intersection of gender, entrepreneurship, scaling clean energy solutions and environmental justice – among other intriguing topics – we convened a fireside chat with three trailblazing Founders & CEOs in the renewable energy industry.

Jessica Booker, CEO and Founder of The Booker DEI Group; Christina Calvin, CEO and Co-Founder of Terran Material Resources; and Apolka Totth, CEO and Founder of Panamint Capital, LLC, are all ACORE Accelerate members that are helping lead the charge to inclusively accelerating our transition to an equitable renewable energy economy through transformative, human-centered solutions.

Join us via a series of video vignettes as we venture beyond the soundbites, stereotypes and statistics for a fireside chat with three women who represent the bold, innovative and inclusive future of our industry.

What inspired you to start your company, and what impact is it making?

Introductions, Inspirations and Origin Stories

What challenges do you face as a female Founder or CEO in the renewable sector? What approaches have you taken to overcome these challenges and foster a more inclusive renewable energy industry?

Challenges, Resilient Strategies and Fostering an Inclusive Workforce

Who are your mentors?  Are they men, women or both?  Does gender matter?  What one piece of  advice would you give to renewable sector leaders regarding how to encourage more renewable sector female entrepreneurs or women in the renewable energy workforce?  

Intersectionality: Mentors, Sponsors, and Industry Advice

What has been your proudest accomplishment to date that embodies the mission of your company? And lastly, if you meet a young lady who wants to start her own renewable energy company, what advice would you give her?

Impact and Advice for the Next Generation

The Booker DEI Group, Panamint Capital and Terran Material Resources are inaugural members of ACORE’s Accelerate program, which seeks to build opportunities and accelerate the success of early-stage women and BIPOC-owned renewable energy companies.

Learn more about Accelerate member companies and our membership program here.