Coalition Letter on Interconnection Reforms

The Hon. Richard Glick, Chairman
The Hon. James Danly, Commissioner
The Hon. Allison Clements, Commissioner
The Hon. Mark Christie, Commissioner
The Hon. Willie Phillips, Commissioner Federal Energy

Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, N.E. Washington, DC 20426

RE: Interconnection Cost Consumer Protection Coalition Reply Comments on Rulemaking

Dear Chairman Glick and Commissioners Danly, Clements, Christie, and Phillips:

The signatories to this letter (jointly, the “Interconnection Cost Consumer Protection Coalition”) represent a wide spectrum of stakeholders who support an efficient, affordable, and reliable transmission system enabled by robust regional planning and optimization of network upgrade costs. We commend the Commission and staff for their ongoing efforts to reform the way in which we plan and develop the nation’s electric transmission system.

We respectfully urge the Commission to coordinate transmission planning and interconnection processes to better ensure a system that is at the lowest cost to ratepayers by taking the following steps, recognizing the importance of holistic reform.