Avangrid Renewables’ Megawatt Madness

  • Art Sasse, Avangrid Renewables

As one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of wind and solar farms, Avangrid Renewables is leading the transformation to a reliable, clean energy future. With more than 60 sites across the United States, the company’s plants stretch from coast to coast and from our northern border to the tip of the South Texas Gulf Coast.

All of that adds up to roughly 6,500 megawatts of owned and controlled clean energy for our customers; from utilities, municipalities and universities to some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the country. But we also provide an economic windfall for the numerous rural American communities where we build, generate and live.

It may come as no surprise that employees have a lot of passion for the work they do here each day. And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Just ask one of our newest local landowner partners like Horace Pritchard (pictured here) how enthused he is to host some of Avangrid Renewables’ wind turbines on his land, and you will see that the energy around renewables is positively electric!

What better way to build on that excitement and promote the company’s broad presence across the country than with a little friendly competition each March. Now in its fourth year, the Megawatt Madness tournament (#MegawattMadness) allows employees, landowners, community members and the public to vote for and share their favorite sites from the Avangrid Renewables fleet. It’s a bracket-style tournament featuring our 64 renewable energy sites in a head-to-head competition through six rounds until a champion is crowned. The winners of each round of the tournament are determined by the number of votes they receive.

Megawatt Madness provides a unique opportunity for employees and the community to show their support for wind turbines that augment wheat farmers’ incomes in the Columbia River Gorge, high-altitude solar photovoltaic panels on a Colorado plateau, an Ohio wind farm that puts nearly $5 million per year into the local community or the first commercial wind farm in the state of North Carolina, just to name a few.

Our employees have a blast competing against one another and voting for their favorite sites. They do a great job getting their families, friends, colleagues and communities involved. However, we have also discovered some of our vendors and customers love playing this friendly game as well and we hope you will join them and us.

Want to be part of the action and enjoy the tournament for yourself? Get in the game at megawattmadness.com to vote for your favorite sites. You will find beautiful site photos and fun facts and learn about the clean power being produced in your area. Share with your network using the hashtag #MegawattMadness. The tournament is open to everyone and concludes in mid-April, when a champion will be announced.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This guest blog was written by ACORE Member Avangrid Renewables.