Ensight Energy Consulting

Ensight Energy Consulting’s mission is to support our clients in managing their project risk by providing them with the “ensight” and solutions required to achieve success throughout the lifecycle of their energy project. We also aim to advise stakeholders of projects geared at reducing the energy burden of LMI communities and encourage community engagement from team members.

Monique M. Dyers

Monique M. Dyers, P.E., Principal & CEO

Ms. Dyers has over 15 years of experience in the energy and power industry and has contributed to the industry in various technical and leadership roles.

Her leadership and consulting experience includes leading project feasibility studies, transmission and interconnection evaluations, equipment bankability studies, project management, construction oversight and leading and managing due diligence reviews in support of the financing of energy, power, renewable energy and oil and gas projects. In addition, Ms. Dyers previously managed global teams in the design, development and performance validation of generator set engines and generators used in the energy and power industries. Ms. Dyers holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering and has previously held senior consulting positions with other firms such as AWS Truepower LLC and Luminate LLC. In addition, she has held leadership and engineering positions with Vestas Technology R&D Americas and Caterpillar Inc.

Inspiration to Start Company

During my graduate studies, I received advice from my advisor regarding job offers. I had received excellent job offers from Raytheon and Caterpillar. My advisor stated that I should accept the job at Raytheon, “because the company was women-friendly.” I thanked him for his advice and started my professional journey at Caterpillar. As a black female in the engineering and energy sector, I have worked with some amazing people; however, not many have shared my background as a minority. I have made it one of my goals to contribute time in encouraging minority students to pursue careers in engineering. I was inspired to start Ensight Energy to contribute to reducing GHG emissions as an advisor and encourage the next generation of minority engineers and scientists in the hopes that the professional advice they receive is based on their education, experience, and drive, and not based on their race and/or gender.