Ellie Potter

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Senior Public Affairs Manager, Macro Grid Initiative

Ellie Potter

Ellie Potter is the Senior Public Affairs Manager of the Macro Grid Initiative, which aims to expand and modernize the nation’s electric transmission system to create jobs, reduce costs for ratepayers, and curb emissions from the power sector.

She previously worked as a journalist for local newspapers in North Dakota and Virginia before moving to the district to report on energy for S&P Global. There she covered federal policy developments affecting the electricity, renewable energy, fossil fuels, and mining industries.

Ellie graduated from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science in energy policy and climate.

Featured Work

silhouetted electrician working on poles to install high-voltage equipment

Need for Speed: Connecting the Nation with Transmission

The U.S. grid needs to significantly expand its regional and interregional transmission capacity to meet future electricity demand, improve overall grid reliability and resilience, alleviate system congestion, and connect cleaner energy resources, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) concluded in its final National Transmission Needs Study released on Oct. 30, 2023.