American Council On Renewable Energy Statement Regarding Department of Energy’s Planned Study of the U.S. Electric Grid

Statement by Gregory Wetstone, ACORE President and Chief Executive Officer 


WASHINGTON, April 17, 2017 – “We’re puzzled that the Department of Energy is launching a new study based on the premise that renewable energy policies are accelerating the decline of coal and nuclear plants, or somehow undermining grid resilience. Numerous studies have demonstrated otherwise, including the 2016 long-term reliability assessment from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

The reality today is that renewable power offers the only realistic economic alternative to natural gas. Together, renewables like wind and solar have combined with natural gas to produce virtually all of the nation’s major new electrical capacity since 2014. The fact is that low natural gas prices have made coal and nuclear less competitive economically.

As the Governor of Texas who presided over a dramatic increase in renewable power, Secretary Perry has seen how well the grid can work with high levels of renewable generation that help grow the state’s economy.

If the concern is about reliability, the solution is to modernize the nation’s antiquated grid infrastructure, much as Secretary Perry did in overseeing billions of dollars of investment in Texas’ transmission system.”


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Gil Jenkins, ACORE