Soli Renew

Our mission at Soli Renew is to revolutionize community solar development through the power of data. We specialize in identifying the most suitable sites for solar projects, ensuring that each project delivers maximum benefits to diverse stakeholders. Our approach takes advanced data analytics with a deep commitment to sustainable development, enabling us to tailor our projects to the unique needs of each community. By fostering inclusive participation and ensuring equitable distribution of renewable energy benefits, we aim to not only lead in the renewable sector but also empower communities, promote environmental stewardship, and set a benchmark for how data can be used to make informed, impactful decisions in energy development.

Shash Adhikari

Shash Adhikari, COO

Shash Adhikari is a Northwestern University graduate with an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Energy and Sustainability. With a background in developing nascent community solar markets and utility-scale battery storage projects, Shash founded Soli Renew.

Previously serving as the Director of Development and Origination for Sun Africa and UGT Renewables, Shash managed development efforts spanning 5 countries and 3 continents. Utilizing an engineering approach that emphasizes standardization and efficient project development, Shash has amassed over 6 years of experience in solar development, seeing through the construction of 400 megawatts and signing construction contracts exceeding 1.3 gigawatts across Africa.

Inspiration to Start Company

Our establishment of Soli Renew was driven by an essential realization: despite our comprehensive market strategies, we were often overlooked due to our unique industry positions. This spurred us into action, transforming challenges into opportunities. Our mission is more than a statement; it’s a commitment to carve out our own success in the renewable energy sector. We are deeply dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment in our industry. As a team built up of a minority and a woman, we’ve experienced the urgency for change. Through Soli Renew, we aim to not only prosper but also to inspire and open doors for others who have encountered similar hurdles. We’re passionate about proving how diversity and resolve can empower regions of the country, creating a landscape where varied voices lead to out-of-the-box success.