Positive Deviancy

Positive Deviancy is a Platinum Level Connector Organization that recruits startups and entrepreneurs to participate in the DOE’s American-Made Prize Challenges. We provide the expert support, resources, and connections that innovators need to successfully navigate these prize competitions.

Jade Garrett

Jade Garrett, Founder

Jade Garrett is a female founder and clean energy champion with a focus on inclusive energy solutions and American-made innovation. She is the owner of Positive Deviancy, a company supporting early-stage startups in the DOE’s American-Made Prize Challenges.

Garrett also co-founded Applied Impact Robotics and has experience in product management and development at Capital One, among other roles. Her background includes significant achievements and certifications, highlighting her contributions to entrepreneurship, social media, and public speaking. Garrett’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology from George Mason University.

Inspiration to Start Company

Throughout history, there have been people whose uncommon but successful behaviors or strategies enable them to find better solutions to a problem than their peers. Even despite facing similar challenges and having no extra resources or knowledge than their peers. These individuals are referred to as “Positive Deviants”. Jade saw a gap in the process for startups applying to these challenges and began Positive Deviancy in order to fill that gap. By using her expansive experience and the team’s individualized expertise and ability to foster these unique but crucial relationships, Positive Deviancy has seen huge success in helping early-stage startups and entrepreneurs win these prizes and achieve their goals.