OKIWA WIND LLC is a Boston, Massachusetts-based offshore wind energy consulting firm. As a dedicated renewable energy consultancy in the United States, we offer a range of services including quality management, site management, HSE management, manufacturing process and inspection, welding engineering, project management, quality inspection, and third-party inspection.

Irina Walchhuetter

Irina Walchhuetter, Founder and Owner

Irina Walchhuetter, founder and owner of OKIWA WIND LLC, has over ten years of experience in the offshore wind industry. Innovative thinking, strong communication skills, leadership presence, technical understanding, and an analytical mindset are her key attributes.

Inspiration to Start Company

After more than 10 years of experience in global offshore wind projects, it was an exciting new development that the world’s largest and most challenging offshore wind projects were being planned in the U.S. Being part of this development and actively supporting such a change in the global energy supply is a challenge we wanted to take on.