Midflare Corporation

Midflare Corporation was founded in 2009 and is a minority-certified renewable energy company based in Atlanta, GA. As a commercial and utility-scale solar project developer, we provide clean electricity to mid-market companies and large energy buyers, as well as utilities. Midflare’s development strategy is to develop solar projects ranging in size from 10-500 megawatts (MW) to meet the renewable portfolio requirements of utilities and companies at highly competitive prices. We create energy solutions that deliver cost certainty while helping organizations meet their sustainability objectives.

Christian Warren, Chief Executive Officer and President

Christian Warren has over 25 years of experience in the consulting, manufacturing, logistics and consumer products industries. He has led organizations that provided project management, data analysis, and market research services. He has over 15 years of executive leadership experience in 3rd Party Logistics.

Inspiration to Start Company

We had an opportunity to commercialize a solar technology for another small company, so we decided to establish our development track record while waiting for the technology to be approved. As an HBCU graduate, I wanted to bring the benefits of solar to HBCUs. Additionally, we wanted to expose children in our communities to career opportunities in the renewable energy space.