Green Power Ventures

Green Power Ventures (GPV) provides low-cost, long-term leases to overlooked institutions in underestimated communities. We seek to intelligently save electricity, costs, and the planet. Our vision is to accelerate climate resiliency and renewable energy in historically overlooked and economically underestimated communities. We value diversity, promote equality, and challenge discrimination.

Dr. Reginald Parker

Dr. Reginald Parker, Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Reginald Parker is the Founding General Partner of Green Power Ventures, a project development and investment management fund targeting HBCUs, faith-based organizations, multi-family facilities, and EV deserts. Dr. Parker has more than 25 years of experience in project development and technology design and management. 

He has developed over 15 clean energy and manufacturing technologies, commercialized material and renewable energy technologies, developed and implemented successful business plans, and optimized manufacturing processes and products. He has commercialized over $60 million in new products and optimized technology for a $600 million business unit while at Rohm and Hass (now Dow). Dr. Parker served as a consultant on a successful B2C implementation strategy for a major airline and worked on a growth plan for a large municipality while at the Boston Consulting Group.

Inspiration to Start Company

Founders collectively have over 30 years of experience in working against climate change, including developing the first African American, utility-scale solar farm in the U.S., as well as developing the highest-efficiency solar module in the world. GPV was recently selected by the Department of Energy to advance its application for the EPIC2 competition which earned them a financial award of $50,000. GPV will use that to run pilots on an Atlanta-based HBCU in coordination with startups and student organizations which it will subcontract in deploying and maintaining $400 million worth of projects.