Gemini Energy Solutions

Gemini Energy Solutions, a dynamic, Black-owned cleantech enterprise, strives to democratize the clean energy industry. Gemini’s technology automates technical aspects to enable affordable, investment-grade energy audits for commercial buildings. Anyone, anywhere, can produce an ASHRAE level 2 energy audit report. Our expertise extends to developing shovel-ready resilience hubs.

Dr. Anthony Kinslow II

Dr. Anthony Kinslow II, Founder and CEO

Dr. Anthony Kinslow II, an eminent environmental science and advocacy figure, has dedicated his career to combating global warming. Over the last decade, his innovative research and pragmatic solutions have significantly contributed to the field.

His role as CEO of Gemini Energy Solutions highlights his commitment to enhancing energy efficiency among underserved business communities. Dr. Kinslow holds a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina A&T State University and a Doctorate from Stanford University, reflecting his extensive knowledge and expertise in his field.

Besides his academic achievements, Dr. Kinslow actively addresses social issues, notably combating wage theft in the construction industry. His efforts have been recognized by the city of San Jose, underscoring his impact beyond the scientific community. He is also known for his passionate involvement in educating college students about environmental justice. A dedicated family man, Dr. Kinslow extends his influence through mentorship programs for young individuals, embodying the ethos of his most revered quote by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Inspiration to Start Company

The inspiration behind founding Gemini Energy Solutions is deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit exemplified by my mother and a close mentor. Growing up, my mother’s venture, Personal Preference Art, introduced me to the business world and opened doors to unique experiences like cruises. This early exposure to entrepreneurship instilled in me the value of ambition and self-reliance.

Additionally, witnessing the success of Courageous Conversations, a global consulting company led by its Founder and CEO, who I regard as a big brother, further fueled my aspirations. Observing his operational savvy and the fulfilling life his achievements afforded him was genuinely inspirational. These influences combined to create a strong foundation for my own entrepreneurial journey.

The creation of Gemini Energy Solutions reflects this background, driven by a desire to impact the clean energy sector while addressing social inequities significantly. My vision was to build a company that excels in providing energy solutions and prioritizes equitable access and sustainability, particularly for historically marginalized communities. Through Gemini Energy Solutions, I aimed to blend my passion for environmental stewardship with a commitment to social responsibility inspired by entrepreneurial examples.