Copacity, Inc

The Copacity platform is a first-its-kind platform that takes into account all sides of the procurement process – energy users, project developers, and energy advisors – to align these interests and create an automated yet customized process that results in a truly efficient, effective, and economical RFP process. Built on over 20 years of procurement experience, the Copacity platform is suited whether you are a private, public or nonprofit organization, and whether you’re seeking solar, wind, EV or storage solutions.

Julian Dash

Julian Dash, Founder & CEO

Julian Dash has 15+ years as a renewable energy professional in both the public and private sectors. He founded Copacity to provide the independent and objective services needed for procuring, negotiating, financing, developing and operating renewable energy projects.

Inspiration to Start Company

Growing up in a family that struggled to make ends meet, the term “heat or eat” had real-life meaning.  As a child, I saw solar as a chance to eliminate the electricity bill and keep the lights on.  As a young professional, solar was a strategy to reduce operating costs for our family candle business.  Further in my career, I see how renewables help organizations of all types and sizes reduce costs and advance their missions.