CFEX, Inc.

CFEX, Inc. was founded by utility meter data management, billing, and settlement software veterans to develop a turnkey solution to track Scope 2 carbon emissions, plan mitigation strategies and streamline the back-office operations for clean energy procurements. By automating these otherwise manual processes, CFEX (Carbon Free Energy Cloud) substantially improves operational efficiency and increases accuracy, transparency, and audibility while avoiding billing errors and saving costs for Scope 2 tracking and mitigation.

Jian Zhang

Jian Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO

Jian Zhang is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in developing business operation support solutions to drive transformations across multiple industries, including clean energy, utility, telecom, and digital media. Prior to founding CFEX, Jian started and grew GridX to be the leading provider of meter data management, billing, and tariff analytics solutions for leading utilities.

Inspiration to Start Company

Scope 2 decarbonization is one of the major challenges of our time that inspires us to dedicate our creativity, ingenuity and expertise to address. According to the EPA, electricity generation accounts for approximately 25% of GHG emissions, more than 60% of which is attributable to enterprise energy consumption in the form of Scope 2 emissions. The dominant mitigation strategy today is to procure Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) directly from renewable energy developers to offset what is otherwise supplied by distribution utilities. Until now, however, almost all the business processes involved in tracking, planning, and mitigating Scope 2 emissions are manual, inefficient, expensive and error-prone. CFEX’s Scope 2 decarbonization platform enables enterprises to systematically, verifiably and scalably reduce their Scope 2 emissions worldwide and drive to their Net Zero climate goals.