ACORE Comments on FAR Amendments for Federal Contractor Disclosures of GHG Emissions

Department of Defense
General Services Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration

RE: Federal Acquisition Regulation: Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate-Related Financial Risk (FAR Case 2021-015; Docket No. FAR-2021-0015; Sequence No. 1)

The American Council on Renewable Energy (“ACORE”) respectfully submits these comments in response to the proposed amendments to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) for Federal contractors to disclose their greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and set science-based targets. ACORE is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the renewable energy sector through market development, policy changes, and financial innovation.

ACORE’s membership includes renewable energy developers, institutional investors, corporate buyers, electric power generators, retail energy providers, and other stakeholders. ACORE member companies collectively hold $23 trillion in assets. In 2022, 90 percent of the booming utility scale U.S. renewable growth was financed, developed, owned, or contracted for by ACORE members.