SynergyGrid is a real estate development company that is truly focused on the health and longevity of the end consumer. We provide low-cost, energy-efficient housing, that removes the economic, health, and mental burdens on families especially minorities and people of color. Our mission is to develop our properties to alleviate those stresses by engineering out the traditional design flaws and construction practices that lead to costly home expenditures, and ongoing healthcare costs associated with respiratory illness and mental illnesses.

Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor, Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in residential remodeling, Jordan has renovated hundreds of homes in the Baltimore area and abroad with an impeccable finish. Paired with his background in engineering, technology, and energy efficiency, Jordan works to reshape the way investors look at real estate, particularly in the city of Baltimore.

To date, he has been able to deliver successfully on fruitful partnerships with hundreds of clients and contribute multi-million-dollar bottom-line growth to nationally recognized sales organizations. With Synergy Grid, he brings his knowledge of local markets, real estate savvy, and a holistic perspective on investment and management to provide clients with affordable and sustainable housing.

Inspiration to Start Company

I was blessed with the opportunity to experience a full spectrum of living in urban and suburban and rural, from high rise to homeless. Throughout my childhood, I’ve been engaged with home improvement and construction, and seeing the variety of issues in one home can be both a blessing and a curse. I took my experience and education in construction, engineering, and technology to provide a resource to those who have experienced the unnecessary burden of living where those elements were not prevalent but would have a disproportionate improvement in health and quality of life.