Sole Trader Renewable Energy

Sole Trader Renewable Energy LLC is a Veteran Owned Minority Renewable  Energy Consulting firm based in Tennessee that works with Utilities, Governments, and Co-Ops to transition our energy grid to a carbon clean energy future.

Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler, CEO

Kevin Butler has an impressive career path that includes over 13 years of experience in the energy industry. Most recently, he worked as a Senior Project Manager at both Exelon Nuclear and Dominion Energy.

At the beginning of his career, Mr. Butler served as a U.S. Naval Officer for 20 years after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Masters from the U.S. Naval War College. His dedication to our county and to our shared clean energy future have culminated in his most recent endeavor – Sole Trader Renewable Energy LLC. Not only does Mr. Butler aim to provide stable and meaningful jobs to U.S. veterans and minorities through Sole Trader Renewable Energy, but he seeks to accelerate the development of renewable energy for all.