Solar Stewards

Solar Stewards founded in 2016 and based in Georgia, is a third party solar program that facilitates strategic partnerships between corporations and community-based solar projects. More specifically, these partnerships connect corporate social and environmental responsibility initiatives, as well as associated impact capital, to on-site solar development for organizations that serve the community such as universities, affordable and senior housing, churches, non-profits, and municipalities.

Dana Clare Redden

Dana Clare Redden, Founder and CEO

With over a decade in the industry, Dana Clare Redden is a passionate solar professional and entrepreneur dedicated to developing distributed generation solar globally. 

Growing up in a small rust-belt town in western Pennsylvania, the environmental impacts of fossil fuels shaped her perspective, particularly for disenfranchised communities and those most vulnerable. In 2012, Dana first founded Solar Concierge, a consultancy dedicated to helping communities and businesses go solar, recognizing the need for environmental justice and greater resources. She later founded Solar Stewards in 2016 to focus specifically on the partnerships between corporations and community solar.