NSAI Energy

NSAI Energy is bringing the power of clean energy and clean energy jobs to forgotten people in forgotten places. We are also working with our dealer and developers to bring the only African American Owned Manufactured solar panels to folks as Kentucky Representative Charles Booker says “From the Hood to the Holler ” and all points in between. Our projects include an urban project for a faith-based organization that covers all 50 States. The organization will provide solar to benefit over 1.6 million people, and provide certified training and subcontractor opportunities after the project is completed. Our rural projects include solar projects on abandoned coal mine lands with training and employment of displaced miners. We are currently negotiating with the developers for projects on tribal lands with training and employment of tribal members, as well.

Keith Mathis

Keith Mathis, President & CEO

Keith Mathis has over 30 years of experience working with public utilities globally moving products, goods and services. He is a 1976 graduate of Centre College, Danville, Kentucky. The guiding principle for our NSAI – LSP team is “to bring the promise of renewable energy to forgotten people in forgotten places.”

Inspiration to Start Company

We started our company with the purpose of developing high-quality, lasting renewable energy solutions using proven leading-edge technologies. As a developer, we seek to train and use local workers to create new jobs and boost local economies in project locations. We strive to cultivate a learning culture inside our company, as well as to the communities we serve, empowered by NSAI corporate values. To use our renewable energy resources, power, and influence to help improve the quality of life on Earth. To foster a positive, encouraging culture where NSAI associates are valued.