Mel Jones

Emeritus Board Member

Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Engauge Energy

Mel Jones

Engauge Energy highlights a career focused on utilities solutions, with several decades in the utility marketplace. Mr. Jones is one of two seasoned utility executives who in 2000 founded Sterling Planet, the first company to provide renewable energy certificates (RECs) to the retail market on a nationwide basis and as its president and chief executive officer grew it to be the nation’s leader in REC sales. As president and chief executive officer, Mr. Jones now guides Engauge Energy in the energy efficiency and solar markets. Mr. Jones, regardless of title or company, has always been the company’s leader in advancing the business development efforts including areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, IT solutions, software development and utility consulting.

While at Southern Company, Mr. Jones’ led a team of software developers and developed a world-class nuclear plant information system that we took while at Southern Company to the global marketplace and it became the industry standard for nuclear industry and was deployed at 12 nuclear plants around the world.  Mr. Jones provided leadership for each company he has been associated including major global corporations such as EDS and Southern Company as well as starting from scratch, such as Sterling Planet, to becoming major players in the marketplace.

Mr. Jones has been a board of director for six different enterprises.  He also advised and/or  testified before public utility commissions in the states of New York, Florida, California, Georgia, Connecticut, Hawaii and Nevada on renewable energy and energy conservation policy.

Mr. Jones earned his B.S. in Statistics, from the University of Georgia.