Front Door Development LLC

 Front Door Development LLC partners with mission-oriented organizations, including nonprofits, Housing Authorities, and communities, to develop affordable housing and housing-oriented renewable energy projects. The company believes that development projects should originate locally; a lack of familiarity with public and private funding programs and the development process should not be a barrier to organizations that wish to develop affordable, sustainable housing; and everyone lives somewhere!

Front Door Development is experienced in assessing feasibility, securing financing, and managing the installation of housing-oriented renewable energy projects, such as photovoltaic solar. Renewable energy opportunities exist for both new construction housing as well as retrofitting existing buildings, and projects are often feasible with little or no upfront cost to the property owner.

Jocelyn Borchardt

Jocelyn Borchardt, President

Ms. Borchardt is experienced in housing development and green energy feasibility, affordable housing funding programs including LIHTC, HOME and FHLBC AHP, sourcing financing and tax credit investors, obtaining zoning approvals, and managing the design and construction process of new construction and rehabilitated affordable housing and renewable energy projects. 

She is also a technical assistance provider who works with Public Housing Authorities on redevelopment and repositioning projects on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Inspiration to Start Company

Front Door Development, LLC was founded in 2020 to provide affordable housing and housing-oriented renewable energy development consulting services to non-profit organizations, Housing Authorities, and communities that operate affordable housing. We noticed that many mission-oriented operators of affordable and workforce housing do not have the in-house expertise or available resources to pursue the development of new renewable energy or housing projects, and were inspired to form a consulting company to provide these capabilities.