Emrgy connects proven technology with innovative commercial models to bring dependable, cost-effective distributed hydropower to more people globally.

Emily Morris

Emily Morris, Founder & CEO

Emily Morris is the Founder and CEO of Emrgy Inc., an energy technology company that is disrupting distributed power generation using modular hydropower systems. Since founding Emrgy in 2014, Emily has secured over $7 million in funding to bring Emrgy’s solution to market, and the Company was named Georgia’s Top Startup in 2017.

Within one year of launch, Emily led Emrgy to become the first company inducted into the City of Atlanta’s Innovation Center to demonstrate new technologies on municipal infrastructure as well as the first company to receive equity investment directly from the City of Atlanta. In 2017, she led Emrgy to install the first distributed hydropower array in the United States with the City of Denver and the US Bureau of Reclamation.

Inspiration to Start Company

Meeting future power demands with a distributed power supply with flexible project size and low capital costs.