Emery Power LLC

Emery Power LLC is a consulting firm specializing in innovative technology solutions serving the energy and infrastructure industries. They offer a full range of services and solutions from new market research, technical feasibility studies, program and project management to sourcing and procurement for energy and infrastructure projects globally. Emery Power, LLC specializes in renewable energy and grid modernization projects including energy storage, EV charging, solar, and other energy solutions. 

Erica He

Erica He, Founder & President

Erica is the Founder and President of Emery Power LLC, a consulting service company serving the global community. She was Vice President of Innovation Core SEI, Inc., a US subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric where she led the Smart Energy Solutions business for Sumitomo Electric in the North American market. 

Prior to Sumitomo, Erica was the Business Development Manager at SANYO North America, where she developed new businesses and strategic partnerships in the areas of smart grid, consumer electronics, etc. Erica holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a BS in Electric Engineering from University College London. Erica is fluent in English, Chinese, and basic in Japanese.

Inspiration to Start Company

I have two sons. They both have suffered badly from their asthma since their baby days. As a mother, I wanted to create a clean environment for my children to live and breathe. With my expertise and knowledge in the renewable energy space, I started my own consulting business to serve more people/businesses in the renewable energy industry, so that more renewable energy projects could be successfully built, and hopefully, this could help our children and our future generation to have a better environment to live and breathe.