Dai Technologies Corporation

Dai Technologies Corporation’s expertise is electric vehicle (EV) adoption and EV charger infrastructure development. Founded in 2018, DaiTechCorp’s model is a turnkey solution that helps residential and commercial properties adopt charging stations for a property, connect to programs and benefits, and install EV stations. With a mission to provide urban communities (people and businesses) equitable access to the EV charger infrastructure, DaiTechCorp removes physical and financial impediments that discourage investments in the EV charger infrastructure in densely populated communities.

Sheryl Ellison Ponds

Sheryl Ellison Ponds, Founder & CEO

Sheryl Ponds, BSME, MBA, is the founder of Dai Technologies Corporation, a woman and minority-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging installation consultancy ensuring access to public and at-home charging.

As a STEM and business graduate, Sheryl has led careers in manufacturing, banking, economic development, and commercial real estate. Sheryl’s entrepreneurial journey and the origins of DAI Tech Corp are inspired by her own experiences around range anxiety and EV ownership. Her work today is driven by a vision of a world without range anxiety and a commitment to champion equitable access to EV charging networks.

Inspiration to Start Company

My desire for a new Electric Vehicle was tamped down by this reality: my side of town lacked an EV charger infrastructure. Range Anxiety and personal safety were real concerns that actually discouraged me from purchasing an electric vehicle. The local market at that time had no desire to serve me and the communities I am most familiar with, so I founded Dai Technologies Corporation.