Clearloop partners with companies big and small to offset their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy by funding new solar projects in American communities otherwise getting left behind. Clearloop was founded by three Tennesseans who are focusing corporate sustainability investments on cleaning up the grid to ensure that the environmental, health, and economic benefits of clean energy reach all communities around our country equally.

Laura Zapata

Laura Zapata, CEO and Co-Founder

Laura Zapata is a co-founder of Clearloop Corporation, a Nashville-based startup that helps companies reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy in the United States by building solar projects that clean up the grid. Laura made a career in crisis communications and reputation management—mostly as a happy accident—having worked in Congress, political campaigns, and Uber. 

She’s now applying that reputational lens to helping companies of all sizes take tangible climate action and ensure that the environmental, health, and economic benefits of new solar projects reach American communities otherwise getting left-behind. Laura immigrated from Colombia with her family and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Laura graduated from Dartmouth College.