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Not Your Parents’ Carbon Price: Climate-Aware Wholesale Energy Markets Can Be An Effective, Consensus Part Of the Climate Solution

By: Tyler Stoff October 7, 2020 Nearly 70% of the nation’s electricity moves through organized wholesale energy markets, where electricity is bought and sold among generators, utilities and traders before reaching end-use customers. These markets are operated by Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs), and regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission…

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Beth Soholt testifies in support of the Macro Grid Initiative before the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis

Macro Grid in the Congressional Limelight

By: Tracy Warren August 3, 2020 “The pursuit and achievement of a Macro Grid – an interregionally connected backbone for the nation’s transmission grid – is essential for the United States to achieve its climate goals and ‘charge up’ the economy.” This was the message that Beth Soholt, the Executive Director of the Clean Grid…

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1T 2030

New ACORE Analysis Reflects on U.S. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Finance Amid COVID-19

By: Lesley Hunter and Maheen Ahmad July 14, 2020 As the renewable sector faces the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACORE’s new analysis, Expectations for Renewable Energy Finance in 2020-2023, collates industry perspectives on the near-term environment for renewable finance and assesses progress on ACORE’s $1T 2030 campaign. ACORE launched the $1T 2030 campaign in…

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