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Britain's Renewable Energy Sector is Surging

January 9 -- The UK's renewable energy sector is quietly booming and much of the gains are being driven by a single technology — solar panels.

Back in 2006 only 4.6% of the UK's electricity was generated from renewable sources. That compared unfavourably to a European average of 14%. >>View Article

Denmark Just Set a Major World Record for Wind Energy

January 8 -- There's been plenty of criticism of wind power over the past few years, as adoption grows and potential side effects emerge. That hasn't stopped energy progressive Denmark, which set a world record by generating a huge 39 percent of its electricity via wind in 2014. >>View Article

Renewable Industry Wraps Up a Great 2014, But Future of Tax Incentives is Murky

January 7 -- Even though the year-end numbers haven’t rolled in yet, there’s no question that 2014 was another banner year for renewable energy. When the numbers are all added up, solar energy might be America’s largest source of new electricity capacity added in 2014 – an amazing feat for an industry that was installing less than 1,000 megawatts per year just 5 years ago. And the U.S. wind industry has over 13,000 megawatts currently under construction, despite some seriously destructive policy uncertainty. >>View Article

Californians on Way to State's New Energy Goals

January 7 -- Clean-energy programs initiated by Gov. Jerry Brown and governors before him have California already well on its way to meeting his new goals for reducing the use of climate-changing fossil fuels, industry experts and state officials said Tuesday. >>View Article

Maine Wind Industry Boasts 1,560 Jobs, $532 Million in Spending

January 7 -- Wind power companies have spent more than $532 million on projects in Maine over the past eight years and are poised to spend an additional $745 million over the next four, an industry trade group said Tuesday in a report summarizing the economic impact of wind energy in the state between 2006 and 2018. >>View Article

Record Month for Wind Energy Hailed

January 5 -- December was a record month for wind power in Scotland, according to environmentalists who have hailed 2014 as a "massive year" for renewable energy.

The biggest day for output for wind was on December 10 when there was enough energy generated to supply 6.34 million homes for the whole day, analysis from WWF Scotland showed. >>View Article


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