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Nevada May See More Solar Plants as Price Tag Drops

July 20 -- Two major solar power projects proposed by Nevada Power could be a boon to
customers because of a dramatic drop in the cost of the renewable energy technology.

Nevada Power is seeking approval from state regulators to build two 100-megawatt renewable
solar energy projects as part of a three-year plan to help replace the utility‘s coal-fired
electrical capacity set to be fully retired by 2019. >>View Article

Shumlin: Leading the Way

July 20 -- I recently traveled to Toronto to attend the Climate Summit of the Americas,
which brought together Pan-American governmental, advocacy, energy and climate change
leaders to share ideas on how we can work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and
capitalize on a cleaner energy economy to grow jobs and opportunity. I was so proud to
represent Vermont at this summit because, when it comes to combating climate change and
finding opportunity in a green energy future, our state is world leader.

We weren’t always, though. When I took office in January 2011, Vermont’s energy policy was
stuck in the 1990s, literally. Our last and only major wind energy project was built in
1997. Our last comprehensive energy plan was completed in 1998. And we were relying on a
1998 net metering law that wasn’t meeting the needs of the 21st century. That lack of
progress on energy meant we were losing out on the opportunity to grow jobs, save
Vermonters’ money on energy bills and help lead the way on combating climate change. >>View ArticleArticle

SAS Joins Chorus of Companies Warning Against Changing N.C.'s Renewable Energy Standard

July 17 -- SAS Institute Inc. has become the latest high-profile company to weigh in on the
ongoing debate in the General Assembly over whether to change the state’s renewable energy

In a letter sent to all state lawmakers Wednesday, the Cary-based business analytics
software company warned lawmakers that changing the state’s Renewable Energy Portfolio
Standard could hurt the development of clean energy in North Carolina. >>View Article

Half the World Already Gets More Power From Renewables than from Nuclear

July 17 -- The dream of a low-carbon future thanks to nuclear power is already looking
dated. The two most populous countries in the world—China and India—plus Japan, Germany,
Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Brazil already generate more electricity from (non-
hydro) renewable sources than they do from nuclear, according to a global nuclear industry
report (pdf). That’s 45% of the world’s population that rely on wind, solar, and other green
energy more than they do on radioactive atoms. >>View Article

Report: Wind Could Supply 40 Percent of Iowa Energy by 2020

July 17 -- Iowa could meet 40 percent of its energy needs from wind power within five years,
according to an industry report Thursday that looks at the state’s wind generation

The state could push its wind-energy mix to 41 percent in 2020 and supply enough power to
more than match its energy usage by 2030, with excess energy to export to other states, the
American Wind Energy Association said Thursday. >>View Article

Keep Renewable Portfolio Standards in Place

July 17 -- Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are prompting local businesses to
think outside the box in the pursuit of meeting Michigan's Renewable Portfolio Standards
(RPS). The solutions companies are using to take charge of energy consumption are exactly
the kinds of projects that will be scaled back or even vanish if the RPS is allowed to
expire at the end of the year.

Knouse Foods Cooperative Inc. is one example that illustrates the many ways management and
union members can work together to protect the environment for generations to come, while at
the same time, investing in a more sustainable bottom line. The company — an over 60-year-
old fruit grower-owned cooperative that makes apple sauce, apple juice, and pie fillings —
employs 88 members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) 951.

Recognizing that the company and its employees rely heavily on the environment for their livelihoods, Knouse Foods decided to double down on its commitment to sustainability by incorporating more of these practices into every step of its operations. >>View Article

Two Numbers: Solar Energy's Price Drop, Ahead of Schedule, Could Help Save the Planet

July 16 -- Earlier this month, the White House announced the launch of a series of measures intended to make solar power more accessible to low- and middle-income households. Brian Deese, senior adviser to President Barack Obama on climate, said the administration aims to “deploy low-cost solar energy in every community in the country."

Ten or 15 years ago, that would have been unthinkable, because solar was too expensive. But the price in the U.S. has dropped precipitously in recent years. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, the cost of installing solar panels on the average home has plummeted 70 percent since 1998, from nearly $86,000 for a 5-kilowatt installation (the average residential solar array) to just $26,000 in 2014. >>View Article

Renewable Energy Boom Will Mean Vastly Cheaper Electricity

July 16 -- Renewable energy, combined with prolific battery storage, will soon result in vastly cheaper electricity -- and solar power that's less expensive than what fossil fuel-based power plants can produce.

Additionally, solar power with lithium-ion and flow-battery storage systems will make the combination of renewable energy so inexpensive that it will surpass nuclear power and obviate the need for futuristic power sources such as fusion. >>View Article

Poll: 75 Percent of Nevada Voters Want State to Promote Renewable Energy

July 16 -- Nevadans want their state government to promote clean energy.

Nearly 75 percent of respondents in a new poll said it would be appropriate for the government to promote the development and use of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and geothermal power. More than 70 percent said Nevada isn’t doing enough to promote renewable energy. More than 90 percent said consumers should be able to create electricity with rooftop solar panels.

That’s according to the poll of 500 Nevada voters conducted by GOP pollster The Tarrance Group and paid for by local think tank Clean Energy Project. >>View Article

Industrial Battery Maker Appears at Legislature to Boost Case for Renewable Energy Legislation

July 16 -- Republican Rep. John Szoka of Cumberland County been criticized by some on the political right for sponsoring a bill that he says could vastly grow the amount of solar-powered electricity production in North Carolina.

On Wednesday Szoka addressed one of complaints by bringing the representative of industrial battery maker Alevo to the legislature to make a presentation about its products. Alevo's batteries are designed to store electricity for utility companies, including electricity from solar farms and wind farms, to help them maintain a consistent supply. >>View Article


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