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Increase Our Renewable Energy Requirement

February 25 -- Here in Annapolis, sea-level rise fueled by climate change is a big threat to our local economy.

Fortunately, our state legislators can directly address climate change's rising costs — and in the process expand business opportunities that create high-paying Maryland jobs — by passing the Maryland Clean Energy Advancement Act this year. >>View Article

Bill Gates and Other Business Leaders Urge U.S. to Increase Energy Research

February 24 -- The government is spending far too little money on energy research, putting at risk the long-term goals of reducing carbon emissions and alleviating energy poverty, some of the country's top business leaders found in a new report.

The American Energy Innovation Council, a group of six executives that includes the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the General Electric chief Jeffrey R. Immelt, urged Congress and the White House to make expanded energy research a strategic national priority. >>View Article

Making U.S. Energy Policy FiT

February 24 -- Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy in the United States, pro-renewable policy support in the country is erratic. The industry is plagued by expiring tax credits, shifting policy landscapes, and delayed permits. This means that the renewable energy industry does not have a fighting chance to grow and impact the way we responsibly produce and consume energy. But there is a solution, and all we have to do is look across the pond to find it. >>View Article

Apple's £1.25bn Europe Data Centres Will Run Entirely on Renewable Energy

February 24 -- Apple has announced £1.25bn plans to build two data centres in Europe powered entirely on renewable energy.

Chief executive Tim Cook said the developments in Galway, Ireland and Jutland in Denmark would be Apple’s largest-ever European project and would “introduce some of our most advanced green building designs”. At 120,000 sq m each, the centres will be among the largest in the world. >>View Article

Citi Turns Green

February 24 -- Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat announced last week that Citi is going deep in green technology. Citi “will lend, invest and facilitate $100 billion over 10 years for projects ranging from energy, to clean tech, to water, to green infrastructure. Simply put, it is a $100 billion investment in sustainable growth.” That all this reflects the No. 1 domestic priority of the Obama Administration is no doubt a coincidence. >>View Article

Community Reinvestment Act Can Boost Energy Efficiency, Funding for Low-Income Schools

February 24 -- One in five Americans spends his or her days in our nation’s 140,000 K-12 schools. Those schools spend close to $8 billion a year on energy costs, the second-largest line item in a school budget after personnel costs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 25 percent of the energy used in schools is wasted. In a world of shrinking budgets and resources, energy-efficiency savings in utility costs could be used for desperately needed funding for additional teachers and school resources. >>View Article

Citigroup Sets $100 Billion Funding Goal for Green Projects

February 19 -- Citigroup Inc. plans to lend, invest and facilitate deals worth $100 billion by 2025 to support projects that will fight climate change and protect the environment.

Citigroup expects the effort to lead to deals supporting renewable power, energy efficiency and sustainable transportation opportunities, Chief Executive Officer Michael Corbat said in a speech in New York Wednesday. >>View Article

Kaiser Joins Google, Apple in Buying Clean Energy

February 19 -- Google and Apple are not the only big companies harnessing California's sunshine and wind to power their workplaces.

Health care giant Kaiser Permanente will announce Wednesday that it has signed deals to buy electricity from a new wind farm to be built at the Altamont Pass, a vast solar plant in Southern California, and more than 100 smaller rooftop solar arrays to be installed at its hospitals, parking garages and medical offices, all of which will reduce its carbon emissions by 30 percent. >>View Article

Three Wrongs Don't Make the Right Right

February 19 -- Anyone can be wrong once. But it takes talent to be wrong twice. And genius to be wrong thrice.

Eight years ago, California passed AB 32, a landmark law combating climate change. In an effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels, the law caps carbon emissions and provides incentives for green technology. Republicans and big oil lobbyists prophesied that AB 32 would spell doom and devastation for the Golden State. >>View Article


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