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Why US Solar Power May Have Lots of Room to Grow

Solar power could become the leading global energy source by 2050, according to a recent International Energy Association (IEA) report. And the United States—the world's biggest energy consumer—has a lot further to go in order to get to that point than developed economies in Western Europe do. >>View Article 

Driving Development of Clean Energy

The Administration has permitted more than 50 utility-scale renewable energy projects on public lands, enough to power nearly 5 million homes and support more than 20,000 construction and operations jobs. The Departments of Energy and Interior are also moving forward on infrastructure projects that will bring clean sources of power online and improve the resilience of our electricity system. >>View Article 

Time to Get Serious About New Jersey Wind Energy

The offshore wind industry returns to Atlantic City today and Wednesday for its seventh annual convention. Hundreds of developers, suppliers and manufacturers will gather from around the world in the Convention Center, hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants to review recent developments in the industry and to look ahead to what is looming on the horizon. >>View Article 

For Sustainability, Time Has Come for Solar Power

Solar energy is no longer the future. It is now. There is no better place on the planet to invest in rooftop solar energy systems than in Southern Nevada, where our greatest resource is the sun. Solar energy can power not only your home but also an electric vehicle. >>View Article 


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