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Solar Could Make State Shine

July 24 -- Massachusetts is extremely competitive with other states for solar development, ranking sixth in the country in terms of installed solar capacity and ahead of much sunnier states like Colorado and New Mexico.

But it hasn't always been that way. >>View Article

Court Ruling Encourages Corporate Investment

July 24 -- Renewable energy adoption is on the rise around the country. Corporate America is no exception. A majority of America’s largest companies have a clean energy goal, and they’re making serious investments to meet those goals. >>View Article

Profits heat up at Boise-based U.S. Geothermal

July 23 -- Six months of retirement was enough for Dennis Gilles.

He took overseas trips he'd had no time for in 23 years as an executive at California energy company Calpine Corp. He tinkered with his 1967 Ford Mustang at his home in Sonoma County. But drinks by the pool got old. He was bored.

So Gilles accepted a position in 2011 on the board at U.S. Geothermal, a tiny company in Boise. >>View Article

49ers' rooftop garden, solar energy propel Levi's Stadium to LEED gold status

July 23 -- Pedestrian bridges decked out in solar panels and a living roof ready for private parties and photo ops might not scream professional football.

But those green design elements and others at the San Francisco 49ers' new $1.3 billion Levi's Stadium on Tuesday helped land the team its long-sought LEED Gold certification at the Santa Clara venue, which officially opened with a ribbon cutting last week. >>View Article

Florida must face future and think solar

July 23 -- Re: "Solar power too costly for taxpayers," A. John Birkle, July 17. It goes without saying that Mr. Birkle's strong opinion about the cost of solar energy and about Babcock Ranch trying to maintain its right to run its own electric utility was shaped from a career spent in the fossil fuel based utility industry.

To be upfront about where I stand on the Babcock issue, I proudly lay claim to the fact that utilizing solar energy as the primary energy to create electricity for the new Babcock Ranch community was an idea I brought to the planning table while working for Syd Kitson. Since the economic downturn in 2007, I no longer work there nor do I work in the solar industry. >>View Article

Lou Cannon: Renewable Energy on Track Despite Setbacks

July 23 -- The relentless march of the states to greater use of renewable energy has hit some bumps on the road.

The biggest bump occurred in Ohio, where the Legislature last month approved a law delaying the state’s commitment to obtain 25 percent of its energy use from renewable energy by 2025. The Ohio measure was the latest battle in a regional assault on renewable standards by Republicans, who contend that green energy mandates are expensive and threaten economic growth.

In the Kansas Legislature, a measure to revise clean-energy standards was narrowly defeated, but proponents vow they will try again. In April, the Indiana Legislature took the dramatic, if largely symbolic, step of eliminating the state’s energy-efficiency standards.

The Ohio measure is “clearly a setback” for renewable energy, said Dick Munson, director of Midwest Clean Energy for the Environmental Defense Fund. But he does not see it as a lasting defeat. Munson observed that many other states are adhering to commitments to increase use of renewables or expanding these goals. >>View Article

Legislative Attempts to Block EPA Standards Harmful to Small Businesses

July 22 -- Once again, lawmakers are playing party politics with clean energy standards, and they’ve put small businesses—our nation’s biggest job creators—smack dab in the middle of the debate. In the latest attempt to block proposed standards that would limit carbon pollution from power plants, lawmakers have filed legislation that would stop all regulations being developed by the EPA and require a review of all its current policies. They claim these standards would hurt small businesses and middle class Americans. But what do real small business owners think about the proposed EPA standards? >>View Article


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