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Keep Kansas' Renewable Energy Mandate and the Benefits of Wind Power

The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires the state to get at least 20 percent of its electric power from sources such as the sun and wind by 2020. It has created thousands of jobs in the wind industry, provided new income to farmers and kept electricity prices in check for utility customers since bipartisan approval by the Kansas Legislature in 2009. >>View Article 

Clean Energy and Jobs

Clean energy’s crucial role must not be overlooked in any discussion about the resurgence of manufacturing jobs in the Midwest’s energy sector. >>View Article 

Biofuels Are Important Part of Climate-Change Fight

Iowa is leading the nation when it comes to renewable energy. We already generate more of our power from wind — 27 percent — than any other state. In fact, we're on track to get as much as 50 percent of our power from wind by 2017. And last year, Iowa produced two times more biofuels than any other state — more than a quarter of the biofuels produced nationwide. >>View Article 


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