The Partnership for Renewable Integration and Market Expansion (PRIME) is an invitation-only ACORE executive program featuring senior leaders from prominent, multi-technology renewable energy companies, and corporate end-users who guide ACORE’s strategic policy agenda.


  • Protect and promote critical energy and tax policies that impact renewable energy.
  • Identify and promote the policies, market reforms and new business models necessary to facilitate expansion of U.S. renewable energy markets.
  • Address challenges in grid expansion and modernization and promote expanded deployment of energy storage and other ancillary service technologies.


  • Meetings & Official Comments: PRIME Members participate in meetings with key decision makers and develop deliverables such as industry comments and analyses.
  • Strategy Sessions: PRIME hosts regular teleconferences and meetings in Washington, D.C. to assess recent developments and discuss ongoing and new programs.
  • Market Expansion:PRIME members participate in ACORE’s unique market expansion working groups addressing C&I development, national defense and power market reforms.

Prime priorities

  • Tax Policy: Serve as an important resource for policymakers, and work to protect current renewable energy incentives and support investment in the electric power infrastructure.
  • Renewable Energy Integration and Storage: Develop and advance power market reforms and financial structures to facilitate integration of renewable energy generation at increasing scale.
  • Corporate Procurement: Facilitate the expansion of the commercial & industrial (C&I) marketplace for renewable energy.
  • National Defense & Security: Smooth the transaction space for military renewable energy procurement and increase sales in support of the military’s mission.