ACORE’s Partnership for Renewable Integration and Market Expansion (PRIME) program focuses on policy and regulatory pathways to expand renewable energy markets. PRIME members strategically engage with the Administration, FERC, Congress and wholesale markets through briefings, industry comments, analysis and direct outreach. Members include multi-technology renewable energy developers, manufacturers, utilities and corporate end-users.


  • Guide ACORE’s federal and state policy and regulatory agendas
  • Advance reforms to promote renewable energy deployment, grid modernization and energy storage


  • Meetings & Official Comments: PRIME Members participate in meetings with key decision makers and develop deliverables such as industry comments and analyses.
  • Strategy Sessions: PRIME hosts regular teleconferences and meetings in Washington, D.C. to assess recent developments and discuss ongoing and new programs.
  • Market Expansion:PRIME members participate in ACORE’s unique market expansion working groups addressing C&I development, national defense and power market reforms.

Focus Areas

  • Tax Policy
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Power Markets
  • Siting and Permitting
  • Corporate Procurement
  • Market Drivers