ACORE works in Congress, with the Administration, at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, before state legislatures, and across power markets to promote and defend policies that accelerate the transition to a renewable energy economy.


With more than $50 billion in annual U.S. investment, renewable energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in our nation’s economy and a leading source of new American jobs. ACORE plays a critical role facilitating increased capital formation and investment in renewable energy and enabling technologies as capital stacks evolve and existing tax credits are scheduled to phase out.


ACORE works to promote policies, market reforms and financial structures that facilitate high levels of renewable energy integration and incentivize the use of energy storage and other enabling technologies.


America’s renewable energy sector plays a critical role in reducing the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the harmful impacts of climate change. ACORE is focused on confronting the near- and long-term policy challenges that must be addressed in order for the United States to play its part in meeting Paris emissions reduction targets.

1T 2030
$1T 2030: The American Renewable Investment Goal

In 2018, ACORE launched a new campaign that aims to reach $1 trillion in U.S. private sector investment in renewable energy and enabling grid technologies by 2030. Achieving this ambitious objective would close America’s innovation and investment gap with other nations, build on the impressive track record of renewable energy job creation, and keep the U.S. within striking distance of the Paris Climate Accord.

To support achievement of the $1T 2030 goal, ACORE is strategically deploying its resources to promote key policy reforms and market drivers. ACORE tracks campaign progress and assesses sector confidence annually.

Renewable America: Jobs for the 21st Century

With renewable energy well-positioned to help power the nation’s economic recovery, the Renewable America campaign – in partnership with Climate Nexus and in collaboration with the American Clean Power Association – is connecting key decision-makers to clean energy workers in their communities.

Wind, solar and energy storage are job-creating industries that will help keep the U.S. internationally competitive in the 21st century global economy. Clean energy already provides jobs for over 500,000 Americans, with more on the way in nearly every state.

Macro Grid Initiative - Transmission wires icon
The Macro Grid Initiative

Launched in 2020, the Macro Grid Initiative, a joint effort of the American Council on Renewable Energy and Americans for a Clean Energy Grid, seeks to expand and upgrade the nation’s transmission network to deliver job growth and economic development, a cleaner environment, and lower costs for consumers.

The 15 states between the Rockies and the Mississippi River account for 88 percent of the nation’s wind technical potential and 56 percent of solar technical potential. However, this region is home to only 30 percent of expected 2050 electricity demand.

Through a transmission Macro Grid, we can connect centers of high renewable resources with centers of high electric demand, enhance grid resiliency and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

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