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In recent years, the Macro Grid Initiative, coalition partners, ally groups, and academic and government institutions have developed groundbreaking reports highlighting the benefits of expanding and upgrading the nation’s transmission grid, as well as the regulatory challenges that are blocking progress to those upgrades. Those reports, organized by topic, are archived below.

MGI Fact Sheets

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Energy Assurance Depends on a Resilient Transmission Grid


Benefits of Transmission


Upgrading And Expanding High-Voltage Transmission Creates Well-Paid Jobs, Drives Economic Growth


Transmission And Climate Change


The Benefits Of High-Voltage Transmission In A Competitive Global Economy

Benefits of a Macro or Nationally-Connected Grid


The Value of Increased HVDC Capacity Between Eastern and Western U.S. Grids: The Interconnections Seam Study

Bloom, et al. National Renewable Energy Lab (May 2022)


Transmission Planning for 100% Clean Electricity

ESIG (February 2021)


The Value of Inter-Regional Coordination and Transmission in Decarbonizing the US Electricity System

 Patrick Brown and Audun Botterud, MIT (January 2021)


Net-Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, And Impacts

Larson, et al., Princeton University (December 2020)


Grid Vision: The Electric Highway To A 21st Century Economy

AWEA (May 2019)


North American Supergrid: Transforming Electricity Transmission

Climate Institute (October 2017)


Future Cost-Competitive Electricity Systems And Their Impact On US CO2 Emissions

MacDonald, et al. Nature Climate Change (January 2016)

Maximizing the Benefits of the IRA

Line of electrical towers and power lines at sunset. Horizontal shot.

Electricity Transmission is Key to Unlock the Full Potential of the Inflation Reduction Act

Princeton University (September 2022)

Transmission Investment Tax Credit


Investment Tax Credit for Regionally Significant Electricity Transmission Lines

ACORE and Grid Strategies (May 2021)


Transmission Projects Ready To Go: Plugging Into America’s Untapped Renewable Resources

 Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) and Macro Grid Initiative (April 2021)

Transmission Planning


Enabling Low-Cost Clean Energy and Reliable Service Through Better Transmission Benefits Analysis: MISO LRTP Case Study

Grid Strategies, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (August 2022)


Multi-Value Transmission Planning for a Clean Energy Future

ESIG (June 2022)


Transmission Planning For The 21st Century

Brattle, Grid Strategies, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (October 2021)


How Are We Going to Build All That Clean Energy Infrastructure?

 Niskanen Center and the Clean Air Task Force (August 2021)


How Transmission Planning & Cost Allocation Processes Are Inhibiting Wind & Solar Development In SPP, MISO, & PJM

Concentric Energy Advisors, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (March 2021)


Planning for the Future: FERC’s Opportunity to Spur More Cost-Effective Transmission Infrastructure

ACEG and Macro Grid Initiative (January 2021)


Report On Barriers And Opportunities For High Voltage Transmission

FERC (June 2020)

Interregional Transmission

ACORE - The Value of Transmission During Winter Storm Elliott_Page_01

The Value of Transmission During Winter Storm Elliott

ACORE, Grid Strategies (February 2023)


Economic, Reliability, and Resilience Benefits of Interregional Transmission Capacity

GE Consulting, NRDC (October 2022)


Potential Customer Benefits of Interregional Transmission

GE Consulting, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (November 2021)

Source: Macro Grid Initiative

Transmission Makes The Power System Resilient To Extreme Weather

Grid Strategies, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (July 2021)


Consumer, Employment, and Environmental Benefits of Electricity Transmission Expansion in the Eastern United States

Vibrant Clean Energy and ACEG (October 2021)


The Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative

U.S. Department of Energy (December 2011)

Interconnection Queues & Cost Allocation (“Participant Funding”)


Just & Reasonable? Transmission Upgrades Charged to Interconnecting Generators Are Delivering System-Wide Benefits

 ICF Resources, ACORE, and Macro Grid Initiative (September 2021)


Disconnected: The Need For A New Generator Interconnection Policy

ACEG and Macro Grid Initiative (January 2021)

Upgrading Transmission Within the Existing Grid Footprint


Advanced Conductors on Existing Transmission Corridors to Accelerate Low Cost Decarbonization

Grid Strategies and ACORE (March 2022)

Offshore Transmission

Brattle OSW Transmission Report_Jan 24-2023_Page_001

The Benefit and Urgency of Planned Offshore Transmission: Reducing the Costs of and Barriers to Achieving U.S. Clean Energy Goals

Brattle, American Clean Power Association (ACP), the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), the Clean Air Task Force (CATF), GridLab, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (January 2023)


The Benefit and Cost of Preserving the Option to Create a Meshed Offshore Grid for New York

Brattle, NYSERDA (November 2021)


Offshore Wind Transmission White Paper

Grid Strategies and Business Network for Offshore Wind (October 2020)

International Competitiveness


Macrogrids In The Mainstream: An International Survey Of Plans And Progress

Iowa State University, ACEG, and Macro Grid Initiative (November 2020)