The Macro Grid Initiative is a joint effort of the American Council on Renewable Energy and Americans for a Clean Energy Grid to promote investment in a 21st century transmission infrastructure that enhances reliability, improves efficiency, and delivers more low-cost clean energy.


“Expanding and upgrading the nation’s transmission network will deliver jobs and economic development, a cleaner environment, and lower costs for consumers.”

Building a Macro Grid

Investment in more interregional transmission through a U.S. Macro Grid that better connects our largest population centers with our lowest-cost renewable resources will enhance grid reliability, save consumers billions of dollars, deliver significant job creation and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

By utilizing neighboring electricity supplies, we increase resilience and threat mitigation, and move power supplies from where they are available to where they are needed. Power system operators confirm that a larger geographic footprint decreases energy supply/demand variability and improves system performance.

Building a nationally-connected high voltage transmission network would save the U.S. more than $40 billion annually, according to multiple studies analyzing how to decarbonize the grid by 2050.

(Nature Climate Change; ZerobyFifty)

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