The Macro Grid Initiative, a joint effort of the American Council on Renewable Energy and Americans for a Clean Energy Grid, seeks to expand and upgrade the nation’s transmission network to deliver job growth and economic development, a cleaner environment, and lower costs for consumers. The 15 states between the Rockies and the Mississippi River account for 88 percent of the nation’s wind technical potential and 56 percent of solar technical potential. However, this region is home to only 30 percent of expected 2050 electricity demand.

Through a transmission Macro Grid, we can connect centers of high renewable resources with centers of high electric demand, enhance grid resiliency and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Vision Statement

“Expanding and upgrading the nation’s transmission network will deliver jobs and economic development, a cleaner environment, and lower costs for consumers.”

Building A Macro Grid

A robust transmission grid can deliver significant job creation and other economic benefits, enhanced grid resiliency, and a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions by spurring a large amount of new renewable energy development. There are several ways to advance the nation’s electricity grid both within and across regions to deliver more clean energy:

  • Saves Consumers Up To $47 Billion

    $47 Billion

    Increased transmission development at the “seams” between regions could save consumers up to $47 billion annually

America’s centers of high renewable resources and high electric demand, represented here through resource type and population size respectively, sometimes fall within different grid regions.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Interconnection Seam Study

Stitching together the major regions of the power system, represented here conceptually, would allow the U.S. to harness its abundant renewable resources and balance electric demand across the country.

Source: Macro Grids in the Mainstream: An International Survey of Plans and Progress


Upgrading America’s transmission system by building a Macro Grid is a cost-effective way to alleviate transmission congestion and allow the integration of new renewable energy, which is expanding rapidly due to competitive prices, corporate procurement goals and state renewable energy standards. The Macro Grid Initiative seeks to build public and policymaker support for a new policy and regulatory environment that recognizes the substantial nationwide benefits of new regional and interregional transmission. Priority areas include:

An expanded nationwide and eastern grid with a focus on the regions of MISO, PJM and SPP

The next round of regional and interregional transmission planning

A fully planned and integrated nationwide transmission system

A new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission transmission planning rule


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