Kenneth Westrick

Chief Science Advisor

Kenneth Westrick is a leading authority in weather and climate analytics for solar, wind, and hydropower, as well as climate and climate change impacts on energy, financial risk, and micro and macro sustainable energy planning. He applies his unique combination of operational knowledge, technical expertise, international experience, scientific academic background, and proven company and military leadership skills to accelerating the clean energy transition. Through his advisory company Westeva he currently serves as Chief Science Advisor to Climassure, a Boston based company dedicated to providing insurance and mitigation solutions for risks stemming from climate change and volatility, where he has been instrumental in the development of many of their core technologies and process strategies.

Prior to this Ken co-founded REsurety Inc., a Boston based independent risk transfer intermediary dedicated to improving the profitability of wind power through the efficient transfer and diversification of weather-driven financial risk. After the launch of REsurety in 2011 he also acted as the Chief Science Officer, developing many of the initial algorithms and software required by the company, and currently serves as a Board Director for REsurety. From 2001 through 2011 he was the founder and CEO of 3TIER Inc., a company he led from a “garage” startup to becoming a global leader in renewable energy forecasting and assessment services. An accomplished leader, speaker, and scientist, Mr. Westrick has presented globally at renewable energy, smart grid, energy policy, and utility specific events.