Sustainable Investment and ESG Scoring

Growing interest in sustainable investment represents a significant opportunity to direct new pools of capital into the renewable energy sector. However, methodologies for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scoring – an important metric many investors use to identify sustainable companies to invest in – often do not reflect the true value of renewable energy use and investment. ACORE works with its members to increase standardization, transparency and use of material indicators in ESG disclosure and scoring processes through specific recommendations and outreach to the ESG community.

Project Finance

ACORE’s membership includes major tax equity providers, lenders and equity investors in the U.S. renewable energy sector. Through our executive programs, business-to-business opportunities, policy outreach, and analysis, ACORE facilitates the market ecosystem necessary to attract capital to projects and expand the field of buyers for renewable power. As the market matures, policies shift and capital stacks evolve, ACORE leads the way on standardized and innovative approaches to finance projects with utility or corporate offtakers, hybrid renewable-plus-storage projects and merchant generation.


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