WildGridWildgrid is a marketplace to find trusted, local solar providers. We are lowering the barrier to finding the best, most affordable plan for users. Users create free profiles and get matched to solar providers based on their situation. Users can schedule virtual sales calls, compare quotes, and sign contracts on our platform. There are plans available for anyone – homeowners and renters (rooftop solar, community solar, and ESCOs). There are financing plans that require $0 down payments, making it accessible to everyone.




Krystal Persaud, Co-Founder & CEO

Krystal Persaud is an entrepreneur and designer obsessed with developing products that fall at the intersection of education, technology, and society. Previously, Krystal was the founder & CEO of Grouphug Solar, where she most notably raised a $150K investment from Mark Cuban on ABC’s Shark Tank. She’s a Founding Member & former Senior Director of Product Design at littleBits, a graduate of the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design, and an adjunct instructor of interaction design at NJIT, SVA, and Parsons.



Inspiration to Start Company

Our story started in 2020 when Parinda (Co-Founder and CTO) bought her first home. After years of living in apartments, she was excited to finally get solar panels! She did a little research online, but moments later was bombarded with spam calls and emails from solar companies she had never even heard of! Ack! Parinda called Krystal (Co-Founder and CEO), an old friend and solar expert for help. In 2019, Krystal founded her own solar product business, Grouphug Solar. Together they realized that the process of going solar was too confusing! And thus, Wildgrid was born. We’re proud to be a minority, female, and queer-owned company.