WeSolarWeSolar founded in 2020 and based in Baltimore, has a mission is to introduce local community solar to under-resourced communities. In order to create access to community solar, WeSolar connects individuals with existing solar energy providers. In this way, a household can replace a portion of its solar power without having to install solar panels or even switch utility providers. This allows individuals, who would otherwise would be unable, to participate in and support the clean energy transition, even individuals that may live in apartments, co-ops, condos, or townhomes. Essentially, WeSolar is extending the opportunity of solar credits to those that never had this opportunity before – those that could benefit the most. Overall, WeSolar is committed to involving low-income communities and communities of color in the shift to renewable energy; “WeSolar is power of the people, for the people, and by the people.”


Kristal Hansley - WeSolarKristal Hansley, CEO and Founder

WeSolar was founded by Kristal Hansley, an entrepreneur and advocate for the use of solar power to help hard-working families reduce monthly expenses.

Since her childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Kristal has been passionate about serving the community and standing up for the rights of others. She first made her mark when she was honored as the 2010 Howard University Legislative Fellow, which led to her tenure in the U.S. Senate on the staff of Majority Leader Harry Reid. In addition to serving as Program Manager for the Senate Democratic Diversity Initiative, she was Majority Leader Reid’s liaison to local, state, and federal officials, and national organizations. Later, Kristal continued her work empowering constituents with legislative support favorable to average citizens by heading up Community Affairs policy in the office of Congresswomen Elanor Norton.

Kristal took on the role of Director of Government and Community Relations for Neighborhood Sun, a regional solar company in Maryland. Working with solar energy developers and city leadership, she has helped thousands of low-to-moderate-income families save on their utility bills. Following her entrepreneurial spirit once again, Kristal decided to leverage her knowledge in this emerging industry and launch WeSolar. Today, Kristal is the nation’s first African American Woman CEO in the community solar industry.