Upepo GroupUpepo Group is a company founded in Maryland that provides professional consultation to any entity seeking to capitalize on the transition to renewable energy. In particular, Upepo Group works with HBCUs on renewable energy development projects and is also focused on generating renewable energy ownership models for low income communities and communities of color in order to promote “energy democracy.” An important aspect of this work is education. Upepo Groups is determined to educate groups such as inner city residents and small-scale African American, Native American, and Latino farmers about the benefits of renewable energy generally and also about the particular environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy development ownership.


Paul Reeves - Upepo GroupPaul Reeves, Director

Mr. Reeves has served as a consultant to both the Federal Department of Energy, Wind Powering America program where he was the liaison to Communities of Color for wind development by black farmers and renewable energy utilization by urban communities of color and USDA to have workshops with native Americans, Latino Americans and black farmers about using renewable energy as a sustainable cash crop. He was project Director for a 150-megawatt wind project on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His work with the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, as director of the Upepo Group, pioneered efforts in Massachusetts to educate inner city residents about the health benefits associated with renewable energy usage and generate ownership models for low income/communities of color that would create a hedge against price volatility of conventional electricity.