Scalar International is asset managers and advisors that build, own, and operate energy and water efficiency infrastructure assets. The team provides turn-key solutions for carbon reduction, energy savings, and energy independence. They empower corporations and businesses to analyze and use utilities efficiently. They provide their clients with the finance, technology, and insights to make decisions that are sustainable for their businesses and the environment.



Hubert Gutsa, Co-founder & CEO

Hubert Gutsa is the Chief Executive Officer of Scalar International with a demonstrated history of working in infrastructure development and finance. He is a strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration focused in International Finance from Columbia University in the City of New York. He has a current fellowship at Columbia University Climate School.



Inspiration to Start Company

We are passionate about infrastructure and clean energy development in minority communities. Our co-founders developed unique skills in infrastructure finance on Wall Street with large firms. Because of the rampant infrastructure and energy deficits in our communities globally, we wanted to use these skills to empower our communities. Our mission is to empower communities to take control of their energy using their resources. We want to work with local communities and businesses to develop self-sustaining community renewable energy projects. Our programs are designed to give those who cannot easily install renewable energy an opportunity to participate in renewable projects. We want to offer this partnership to local governments for low-income solar initiatives and multi-family affordable housing. Our vision is to reduce the global carbon footprint by reducing inefficiencies and financing the energy transition from fossil fuel to clean energy, while transforming the electricity grid to disrupt large-scale utilities through microgrids.