Brevian Energy started in 2019. We wanted to create a company that could combine cutting-edge renewable energy products for our customers with a culture for our employees that was second to none. With our commitment to innovation, we have experience and relationships with some of the most innovative renewable energy technology providers available in the world.




Rod Matthews, Co-Founder & CEO

Rod Matthews is an experienced business technology consultant and Microgrid Solution Provider with a background in properly aligning energy and technology initiatives with core business objectives. As a subject matter expert in both the energy and technology sectors, he has had the opportunity to implement and maintain various types of business technologies and be accountable for their business justification and ROI payoffs.



Inspiration to Start Company

I am the first person in my family to venture into the entrepreneurial path. My family has traditionally been working class, and my mother retired from her job after 38 years of dedicated service. However, even though she was a worker all her life, she always encouraged me to find something that I like to do and go for it. After a 9-year stint in the Navy, I worked in IT for four years before I got up the nerve to start my own business. I have been an entrepreneur since that time and have even loved its struggles. I discovered my passion a few years back when I realized that our planet was in trouble, but there were things that could be done to help save it. That’s when I discovered renewable-powered microgrids, and I have been on a mission to have them deployed ever since!