548 Capital


548 Capital is a social impact firm that invests in the creation of solar powered affordable housing. 548 Capital’s vision is to be the leading firm to prioritize and create solutions to the housing, environmental, and economic issues facing inner cities in America. Based in Chicago and 100% African American owned, 548 aims to be “the first investment fund to combine community solar with sustainable housing”. 548’s strategy is to use solar tax credits and subsidies to build sustainable housing attached to community solar projects with a focus on inner cities.



Robert Patton - 548 Capital

AJ Patton, Managing Partner, CEO

Robert “A.J.” Patton is an accomplished finance, sales, and capital markets expert with more than a decade of experience in investment banking, endowment management, and real estate analysis. He most recently worked with Equities First, a $500 million-dollar investment fund, in which he led the Investment and Underwriting Departments along with managing all U.S. business development initiatives.

In May 2016, A.J. branched out on his own. He founded 548 Capital, LLC, to combine his expertise and track record of creating consistent returns with a personal passion for helping transform communities and their impact on the planet. In 2019, Patton was named a recipient of the Energy News 40 Under 40 award — highlighting his impact on America’s transition to a clean economy.