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Transportation & National Defense Forum

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Join us in San Diego for a two day discussion about the opportunities and barriers for renewable energy presented by two important sectors in the western region: U.S. military bases and the transportation industry. A product of ACORE's National Defense & Security and Transportation Initiatives, the forum will feature discussion about the western region's expanding renewable energy presence on military bases and explore the key policies and technologies that are setting California apart as a leader in clean transportation. Register now.

Day 1 - National Defense and Renewable Energy

The Western region's robust renewable energy resources, active public support, and growing supply chains contribute to an expanding renewable energy presence on military bases. With over 7 GW of solar power potential on southwestern military facilities, and a host of opportunities to expand the use of other renewable technologies and fuels, bases in western states will play a central role in the military's mission to become energy independent. This forum will connect the military officials responsible for deploying renewable energy in the region with companies that offer proven and innovative solutions to enhance national defense and energy security.

The military energy sessions on March 12th will focus on the following topics:

  • Microgrid and dynamic islanding solutions to enhance base energy security
  • State policy and regulatory issues that affect project implementation
  • Finance mechanisms for reduced budgetary impact and the incorporation of key externalities in project economics
  • How base energy programs in the western region will meet Department-wide targets

>> See the full agenda

Day 2 - Transportation and Renewable Energy

Join ACORE's Transportation Initiative for its first ever west coast conference to explore the key policy mechanisms, financing techniques, and technologies that have set California apart as a leader in the clean transportation industry.

The transportation sessions on March 13th will focus on the following topics:

  • The impact of policies like the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, incentive programs for alternative fuels and vehicles, and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard on the transportation sector and the policy outlook for California moving forward.
  • The role of public-private partnerships, and government incentives in financing and investing in transportation infrastructure and advancing clean vehicle technologies
  • The challenges and opportunities of incorporating renewable energy and fuels in the heavy-duty transportation sector including trucks and buses, shipping, and aviation
  • The landscape for the emerging technologies that will propel our transportation system in the future, including biofuels, vehicle electrification, and fuel cells

>> See the full agenda

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