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Transportation Industry Review

Transportation Industry Review
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A product of ACORE's Transportation Initiative, the Transportation Industry Review is a digest of member-submitted journal articles laying out the challenges and corresponding opportunities that businesses and industry groups face in advancing and enlarging the market for renewable energy in the transportation sector.

Articles in the Review cover a wide range of topics, including electric vehicle policy and deployment; increasing biofuels production; electrification in heavy transportation; energy efficiency and current fuel economy standards; and many more. A total of eight different issues from prominent authors/organizations in the transportation and renewable energy sectors are addressed.

Authors and topics include:

  • Volvo: "Can Electric Power Transport Goods as Well as People?"
  • POET: "The Roadmap to 36 Billion Gallons of Biofuel"
  • Covington & Burling LLP: "Reducing Costs and Overcoming Range Anxiety - Two Partial Bridges to the Future for EVs"
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership: "Deploying Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen in California"
  • Sterling Planet: "Building the Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging and Renewable Energy Production"
  • Pacific Biodiesel: "The State of the Biodiesel Industry and Biodiesel's Role in the Renewable Fuel Portfolio"
  • Professional Engineers in California Government: "Increasing the Market for EVs"
  • Firestar Technologies: "Analysis on Vehicle Fuel Economy Improvements Serving Bridge to Zero Emission Vehicles"

ACORE's Transportation Initiative brings together leaders within the transportation and renewable energy industries from across all modes of transportation and sources of energy with the goal of creating a 21st century, multi-modal transportation system sourced by renewable energy and fuels. The Initiative and the Review are sponsored by Volvo and Amtrak.