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National Security Experts Agree: Bust Up Big Oil Monopoly

October 24 -- For decades, the lack of a sensible U.S. transportation fuels policy hampered our ability to develop alternatives to oil’s stranglehold on the market. That all changed when the Renewable Fuel Standard was implemented in George W. Bush’s second term. With the support of the RFS, biodiesel, America’s leading advanced biofuel, has grown from barely a blip to an annual billion gallon market. It is creating jobs, advancing energy security, and reducing carbon and other pollutants – just as the RFS was intended. With the six-year-old policy hitting its stride, predictably, the international oil industry is howling for repeal. And now some on Capitol Hill believe the EPA and/or Congress are poised to respond by either lowering renewable fuels requirements for 2014 or possibly permanently altering the RFS.  >>View Article

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