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Renewable Energy for Military Installations: 2014 Industry Review

militaryreviewcover-sThere are several lessons to be learned from the private sector as DoD becomes an increasingly significant player in the renewable energy industry. This report contains a series of industry perspectives about the business considerations associated with renewable energy installations at military facilities, including policy, contracting, financing, siting, technology, and energy security.


Renewable Energy in America: Markets, Economic Development and Policy in the 50 States

50 State Report CoverFall 2013 (Rolling Updates)
This interactive report provides an executive summary on the status of renewable energy implementation at the state-level. Compiling financial, renewable energy resource potentials, market and policy information in one easily-accessed, online format, the report is intended to be an executive summary for all who are interested in the highlights of the renewable energy sector in every state. Download

Transportation Industry Review

Transportation Industry ReviewJuly 2013
A product of ACORE's Transportation Initiative, the Transportation Industry Review is a digest of member-submitted journal articles laying out the challenges and corresponding opportunities that businesses and industry groups face in advancing and enlarging the market for renewable energy in the transportation sector.Download

National Defense and Security Initiative Resources

Initiative materials intend to educate the private sector and policymakers about the Department of Defense's growing reliance on renewable energy for mission success, and provide recommendations to DoD to smooth out the transaction space for military renewable energy. Download

Strategies to Scale-Up U.S. Renewable Energy Investment

Strategies-to-Scale-Up-US-Renewable-Energy-InvestmentThis report on United States renewable energy finance policy is the result of extensive research, outreach, and analysis conducted over the last three years. It identifies federal and state government policies that could promote efficient private sector capital formation and investment in the renewable energy industry. Download

US-China Market Reviews

2012 Year End Edition (Released April 2013)
The US-China Market Review regularly examines the most significant developments in renewable energy markets, finance, and policy in the U.S. and China. The Review is a product of ACORE's US-China Program (USCP) and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), with expert contributions from ACORE members. Download

A BCC White Paper: Corn Based Ethanol--the Rest of the Story

November 2010
by Bill Holmberg, Chairman, Biomass Coordinating Council, American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) - an Early (1974) Ethanol Pioneer

This paper focuses on the pending challenges to the ethanol industry and adds five additional chapters to the biofuels/ethanol story. Download


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