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Maine Wind Industry Boasts 1,560 Jobs, $532 Million in Spending

January 7 -- Wind power companies have spent more than $532 million on projects in Maine over the past eight years and are poised to spend an additional $745 million over the next four, an industry trade group said Tuesday in a report summarizing the economic impact of wind energy in the state between 2006 and 2018. >>View Article

Record Month for Wind Energy Hailed

January 5 -- December was a record month for wind power in Scotland, according to environmentalists who have hailed 2014 as a "massive year" for renewable energy.

The biggest day for output for wind was on December 10 when there was enough energy generated to supply 6.34 million homes for the whole day, analysis from WWF Scotland showed. >>View Article

Xcel to Double Down on Renewable Energy in Minnesota

January 5 -- Xcel Energy Inc. said Friday that it wants to more than double the amount of electricity it gets from wind and solar in the Upper Midwest.

The company, which serves 1.2 million electric customers in Minnesota and has the most wind power of any U.S. utility, said further expansion of renewable energy over the next 15 years will bring a 40 percent reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It also could mean higher utility bills for consumers. >>View Article

Report Recognizes Pennsylvania as Clean Energy Leader

January 5 -- Pennsylvania is becoming a nationwide leader in the clean energy industry.

That’s according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center, which highlights eight states that have demonstrated leadership in clean energy policies, installation and economies. The goal was to analyze states outside of those usually credited with clean energy advances such as California. >>View Article

Clean Power Plan is Right for New York

January 5 -- The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate recently released a report indicating that clean energy policy and investments to halt climate change may pay for themselves. We don't have to choose between economic growth and tackling climate change. Investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency can help us achieve both goals. >>View Article

Program That Backed Solyndra Showing Successes

January 5 -- At the RV Park he owns in a remote corner of southwestern Kansas, Jan Leonard is seeing the benefits of one of the federal government's most contentious programs.

Development is booming in tiny Hugoton, a town of roughly 3,900 people. The town is the site of a new cellulosic ethanol refinery that was funded in part by a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. The same program funded high-profile flops such as Solyndra, the California-based solar company that filed for bankruptcy and led to hearings over the Obama administration's backing of unproven green-energy projects. >>View Article

NHL Goes Green with Constellation Energy

December 19 -- Constellation, a Baltimore-based energy firm, is entering a partnership with the National Hockey League that will promote the company's brand while it works with the league on minimizing the NHL's environmental impact.

Constellation has sponsorship deals with the Ravens and Orioles, among other professional clubs, but this is its first league-wide deal. Financial terms were not disclosed. >>View Article

Who Really has Grassroots Support? Wind Energy

December 19 -- A recent poll found that 73 percent of American voters support keeping the renewable energy Production Tax Credit “so that investment in wind energy can continue.” And 78 percent agreed it “helps American workers make more of our own energy right here in America.”

Wide majorities of Republicans, Democrats and Independents agreed, consistent with previous polls. >>View Article

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