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Use the Web? Congrats, You're an Environmentalist.

As of now, the top three most widely used US search engines, by a considerable margin, are Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing. If you live in this country and you are actually online, there's well over a 90 percent chance that you use one of them, according to the web data company comScore. >>View Article 

Want Solar and More Jobs? Support a Carbon Tax

There are some topics that defy the polarization that plagues nearly every issue we commonly discuss. These rare unifiers can be recognized by the disparate types of citizens that they bring together. >>View Article 

SolarCity Reports Profit for First Time

SolarCity, the California-based solar energy company that is building a solar panel manufacturing plant in South Buffalo with New York State help, said Wednesday that it earned a profit for the first time, as installations of new power systems soared by 77 percent in the third quarter. >>View Article 

Protecting Communities from Potential Impacts of Climate Change

Given recent international turmoil, climate change may seem like a second-tier priority. In fact, climate change may be accelerating instability in vulnerable areas of the world. There is a growing number of military, intelligence and security leaders who are expressing concern about climate change and weather events as a national security threat. The Pentagon recently released a 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap, which states that climate change poses an “immediate risk” to national security, and puts forth a strategy for addressing this risk across the military. >>View Article 

5 Reasons Chicago is a Clean Energy Powerhouse

Recently U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary David Danielson visited Chicago and spoke at the new Chicago Innovation Exchange, a new tech incubator on Chicago's South Side. During Dr. Danielson's remarks, he declared Chicagoland an "emerging regional powerhouse" for clean energy. >>View Article 

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