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Invest in renewables: Congress should revive the production tax credit

As predictions about the effects of human-driven climate change grow more alarming, lawmakers ought to be expanding programs that support still-nascent clean-energy industries. One such program is the production tax credit, which has benefited wind-power producers and other renewable electricity industries since 1992. >>View Article 

Here Comes the Sun: America's Solar Boom, in Charts

Last week, an energy analyst at Deutsche Bank came to a startling conclusion: By 2016, solar power will be as cheap or cheaper than electricity from the conventional grid in every state except three. That's without any changes to existing policy. >>View Article 

Microsoft's New Biogas-Powered Plant

The dedication event of Microsoft’s zero-carbon, waste-to- energy-powered Data Plant on November 6 in Cheyenne marks an advancement in Wyoming’s position as a partner in innovation and advanced energy deployment. >>View Article 

Use the Web? Congrats, You're an Environmentalist.

As of now, the top three most widely used US search engines, by a considerable margin, are Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing. If you live in this country and you are actually online, there's well over a 90 percent chance that you use one of them, according to the web data company comScore. >>View Article 

Want Solar and More Jobs? Support a Carbon Tax

There are some topics that defy the polarization that plagues nearly every issue we commonly discuss. These rare unifiers can be recognized by the disparate types of citizens that they bring together. >>View Article 

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